Banyan Tree Oasis 上海外滩悦榕庄大酒店江景房拍摄

Panorama Oasis

Panorama Oasis

CLIENT: Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund; Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts

WHAT: The “Oasis with Romantic Pool” room

WHEN: September 2012

WHERE: Banyan Tree Shanghai on the Bund

WHY: Banyan Tree wanted promotional photographs for their rooms and suites to show a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. They wanted their photographs to portray a quiet serene getaway feel with warm colors as well as the great view of the Huangpu River and Shanghai’s skyline.

HOW: For this shot, the pool and the view were the most important aspects of the room, therefore we decided the best angle to represent these aspects in addition to the feel and space of the area, was through a straight on shot.

The lighting needed to accentuate the existing mood, so we enhanced the existing lighting, while selectively choosing a few features to give an extra kick and highlight. There were extra lights added to the hotel’s overhead lights to emphasize the lighting on the cushions as well as the pool. Then, the couch was lit to show a bit of the texture of the fabric and to add a bit of contrast with the finish of the wood flooring. Lastly, to get a clear shot of Shanghai’s skyline, we went to the rooftop of the Banyan Tree to get a clear unobstructed long exposure to achieve a nice glow of the building lights (we always try to mimic the actual angle and view to stay consistent with the room), which complemented to the overall warm feel of the image. 

CAMERA: Nikon D800E with 14-24mm f/2.8 lens

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu



拍摄对象: 悦心池浪漫全江景房



拍摄缘由: 悦榕庄大酒店想要为它们的客房及套房拍摄一组宣传照片,目的是展示一个自在安静远离城市喧嚣的生活空间。此外,他们也希望照片能描绘出一个映衬窗外黄浦江并与天际对比出暖色调的壮丽美景,使贵宾内心平静下来。

方法 首先,选取拍摄的位置和角度,必须是最能代表总体感觉的空间区域。在这张照片中,泳池以及景观是房间中最重要的两方面,因此,正面直接拍摄这两部分特征至关重要。


相机:尼康D800E和14-24mm f/2.8镜头

摄影团队:Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu


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