Ultraviolet Paul Pairet 餐厅创始人拍摄

Chef de Cuisine, Partner, and Founder of Ultraviolet , Paul Pairet

Chef de Cuisine, Partner, and Founder of Ultraviolet, Paul Pairet

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Ultraviolet Chef Paul Pairet 餐厅创始人拍摄

WHAT: Owner & Chef de Cuisine, Paul Pairet

WHERE: Ultraviolet Restaurant

WHEN: October 2011

WHY: Renowned French Chef, Paul Pairet of "Mr & Mrs Bund" and "Ultraviolet" needed a portrait for promotional and media usage leading up to the opening of "Ultraviolet." Limelight Studio wanted to place Pairet in front of the projection screen since it is such an important aspect of the multi-sensory restaurant. This particular projection of the spiral was chosen because it resembles the shape of a snail. The snail represents escargot, a classic French cuisine, which ties back into Pairet's French background.

HOW: We used no additional lighting on this shot as we used the light from the projector as a key light, while the remaining ambient light was used as fill. In postproduction, the photograph was transformed into black and white with the exception of the purple spirals projected onto Paul. We don't normally like to do color isolation, but it was fitting in this case. This was done to draw an extra emphasis on the projections, to highlight Ultraviolet's signature color, and to remind the audience of the unique experience that Ultraviolet provides when dining at their restaurant.

CAMERA: Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 70-200mm lens

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu, James Wang

客户:创始人&主厨 de Cuisine, Paul Pairet

拍摄地点:Ultraviolet 餐厅

拍摄时间: 2011年10月

拍摄缘由:知名法式餐厅主厨Paul Pairet-“Mr&Mrs Bund”和“Ultraviolet”餐厅创始人,想要拍摄人物肖像和视频以此来庆祝餐厅的开幕。Limelight Studio想让主角站在保护屏幕的前方因为这在餐厅中是一个很重要的方向。选择这个特别的旋转保护屏是因为它的形状看起来象蜗牛。而蜗牛在法式菜肴中是一道经典的烹饪菜品且又与Pairet的法式背景相融合。


相机:佳能5D Mark II和70-200镜头

摄影团队Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu, James Wang