PuLi Hotel and Spa Lobby | 璞丽酒店大厅

PuLi Hotel Entrance Lobby

PuLi Hotel Entrance Lobby


WHAT: Promotional interior shots of the PuLi Hotel and Spa

WHEN: April 2010

WHERE: The PuLi Hotel and Spa located in the Jing-An district of Shanghai

WHY: The Taiwanese magazine reached out to Limelight Studio for a number of interior shots of the PuLi Hotel and Spa, which is highly recognized for its unique structural layout creating a relaxing and peaceful environment right in the heart of bustling Shanghai.

HOW: The enticing entrance lobby at the PuLi produces a warm inviting natural light from its floor to ceiling wide paned windows therefore minimal lighting was required to enhance the beauty of the lobby. There were just a few highlights added to give a bit of an emphasis to the furniture in the room such as the cabinet and chairs. A 5 shot bracket in 1-stop increments was done, and the shots were then combined in post-production with a combination of the selectively lit areas.

CAMERA: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II with 24-70mm lens

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu, Seira Wei

客户ARCH 雅砌雜誌




拍摄缘由:台湾建筑师杂志之前已经和Limelight Studio进行过详细沟通,并针对璞丽酒店内景设计拍摄与我们探讨。希望我们的拍摄能呈现出一种高端唯一轻松的感觉完全区别于上海国际化大都市的匆忙感。


拍摄相机:佳能1DS Mark II2470镜头

摄影团队Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu, Seira Wei