Mifan Mama / Shining Star Charity Video 米饭妈妈公益拍摄

Last year, we filmed a charity short for an orphanage that specifically cared for children who are blind or have visual disabilities. A group of nine children came in to talk a bit about themselves. All of the children that came in front of the camera were visually impaired, all under the age of ten, and all adorable. The idea was to have them come in, sit down in front of the camera, state their name, age and aspirations for the future. We aimed to interview each child, within five to ten minute increments, so they didn't become uncomfortable. We preset our equipment; lights, microphones and cameras so there would be no waiting period for the children to get nervous. We did however neglect to think of one thing, the height of the chair. The first child was placed on the chair and became frightened because his feet could not touch the ground.  We took away the chair and reposition the lights, microphones and cameras. After that minor bump, the interview process ran more or less smoothly. A few children who were too shy to talk preferred to sing us a song, some who were too afraid to be interviewed by themselves stood next to their buddy during the process.