New World Beijing Hotel - Yin on 12 北京新世界酒店-印酒吧

The plum rain season is visiting Shanghai right now, which means the summer is just around the corner.  Are you ready for the heat yet?

At this time we went to the New World Beijing Hotel for shooting their brand new “top” bar – Yin on 12. Yin on 12 is a rooftop bar with an excellent terrace. The atmosphere is wonderful. It is located between the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven.  

When we arrived Yin on 12, it wasn't opened yet. The F&B director, Adam Lu, wanted us to shoot some of their outstanding drinks and snacks for the bar. His brief he gave us was for the images to be fresh and light. Therefore we decided to use daylight as our main light, and use flashlights as fill lights. 

There were a couple of problems that we had during the shooting. For example, Daylight isn’t controllable, the melting ice in the glasses, and searching the right locations for different shots. We had to not only run with time, but also daylight. In the end, we made it! To make the final image outlay more interesting, we broke down the shots into day vs night.

It’s time to pick your favorite drinks and snacks, and enjoy your summer.  


这一次Limelight的团员出发去北京帮新世界酒店12楼的印酒吧拍照。 印酒吧是一间露天酒吧,它位处于天安门与天坛公园之间,交通非常方便.加上于在12楼,视野十分的开阔。

当我们抵达的时候,印酒吧还没开始营业.这次负责的F&B经理-Adam Lu,跟我们说他挑几个的饮品和小吃,当做这次摄影的主角。他希望这次的图片能给人有清新的感觉,所以我们决定使用日光为我们的主光,闪光灯为我们的副灯。



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