Shangri-La Sanya Resort & Spa - 三亚香格里拉度假村

Sanya is a wonderful place for relaxing in the southern part of China. People call it “Eastern Hawaii”. It has perfect weather, beautiful beaches and delicious food. This time Limelight studio went there for shooting the first Shangri-La resort in China. It was a really exciting job.

When we arrived the communication manager took us around the resort for viewing. It is a very large resort which has their own private beach. However at the time the project was still heavily under construction which created a few challenges for us but we did manage to achieve the results necessary in our final imagery.

Our interior room shot went quite smoothly as the team did a great job on creating the mock up room for us, and beautifully adding details with props.

Our exterior was a little more difficult as it was under a lot of construction still and most of the garden was not finished.

With the help of our team of Limelight retouchers we managed to put together a beautiful shot of the exterior where we had to use multiply images from different days as the weather was also causing some difficulties for us.

There was a lot of building materials and people we had to edit from the final shot as they were all on their own deadline to finish the construction.

With a fantastic team effort we put together a multiple of images on this project in Sanya, China which we were very happy with. Here are 2 of the final images of the interior and exterior we shot and hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did shooting it.

三亚位于中国南方的海南岛上,是一个令人十分放松的地方。人们甚至称它为东方夏威夷。它有完美的气候,美丽的海滩,以及美味的食物。这次Limelight Studio的团队去到三亚帮香格里拉大酒店拍摄他们全中国的第一个度假村。










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