Treasure Shabu InterContinental Hotel Puxi - 五珍刷品 上海浦西洲际酒店

Two days after we came back from Bangkok, our team had another new project; the new restaurant, Treasure Shabu, about to open on the first floor of InterContinental Puxi Hotel.

 On this occasion we needed to shoot four set meals, and a waitress pouring a bottle of Sake into a cup. At the beginning, the angle for the food shots were going to be at 45 degrees but when we arrived at the hotel, Scott proposed a better idea, to shoot overhead. The client loved his idea, but we found ourselves short on some equipment as a result. As an experienced photographer, Scott came up with a perfect solution improvising with what we had. We quickly built the set, and we used the floor in a private dining room as the background.

 When Scott got the lights right, we needed to focus on the placing of the food and composition. The food that the hotel provided was very fresh and we had to shoot as soon as possible before the vegetables went bad and we were constantly spraying them with water.  When shooting the meat dishes, the ice under the meat melted faster than we would of liked so we tuned up the AC to let the room cool down, so the color of the meat would be ideal.

 The last shot was of a waitress pouring a bottle of Sake into a cup. We wanted the pouring to look natural so we asked her to continuously pour the Sake of course we used water instead of wasting good Sake. We had four full bottles and two to three cups on standby. Once she filled the cup or emptied a bottle, we could replace it straight away. She needed to keep the same pose each time, so basically she could not move at all or the focus would be out. After more then an hour of shooting, we finally got the shot, thanks for her hard work, professionalism and patience. 





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