UV Maserati

Back at UV for another bout with the multi sensory dinning experience this time Maserati graced the 10-seat table flaunting their fast cars from the Bund to UltraViolet’s secret dinning location.

The production was set over 2 locations on the bund and at UV with a brief car chase in the middle as they journey to UV. The production team had to follow the cars on a bike and catch them in transit and then beat the Maseratis to the venue using short cuts to film their arrival at UV.

 The dinning extravigansor uses projectors to iluminate the walls and table adding the visual aspect to the multi sensory experience. Projectors can causes havoc from a production standpoint as the sudden changes in light result in the crew having to constantly be on the ball to optimise the camera settings to adjust to the new light. To further capture and potray the multi sensory experience we mic’d up the kitchen and dinning area to capture the audio elements of the meal.

The Maserati brand meeting with the Ultra Violet experiance led to a night of food and car culture with a historical grace juxtaposed with modern glamour. The meal was a fitting location for one of Maserati’s Centennial celebrations.





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