Congratulations to Ultraviolet from Scott and the Limelight team!

Our heartfelt congratulations to Chef Paul Pairet, Greg Robinson and all other team members at Ultraviolet for achieving the accolade of 24th best restaurant in the world!

Paul Pairet and Scott Wright started their collaboration on food, venue and portraiture imagery back in 2005 beginning at Jade on 36 at the Shangri-la Pudong in Shanghai. Here Scott started to begin and develop an imagery style to fit with the Paul Pairet brand.

Scott then furthered his relationship with Paul at his classic Mr & Mrs Bund venue, which now is a thriving success story in Shanghai’s most iconic area “The Bund”. Working with Paul’s exceptional food presentation Scott endeavoured to capture and develop an equally iconic look and feel with his images truly representative to their brand.

In May 2012 Paul opened his multi-sensory dining experience “Ultraviolet”, where he went on to achieve his global 24th best restaurant ranking. Paul combined an original cacophony of sounds, visuals, smells and tastes to create the ultimate dining experience.

Scott and his team have found it a pleasure and a privilege to work with Paul and everyone involved in these ventures. Paul’s creativity, originality and culinary excellence has made it a joy to capture his progression throughout the past 10 years.

Excellent work guys

Limelight Studio is a proud sponsor of the Ultraviolet restaurant.

Scott和 Limelight 团队恭喜 Ultraviolet 餐厅!

我们衷心的恭喜 Paul Pairet, Greg Robinson和Ultraviolet的团队获得全球最佳50餐厅第24位的荣耀。

Paul Pairet与 Scott Wright他们两个开始共同合作在食品, 场地和人像拍摄要追朔到2005年的上海浦东香格里拉大酒店的翡翠36餐厅。由那段时间起,Scott开始和发展独有的影像风格,以符合Paul Pairet的品牌。

Scott进一步推动和Paul的合作关系是在他的经典餐厅Mr & Mrs Bund的时候。Mr & Mrs Bund在上海繁华的外滩成功案例,目前还是被人们津津乐道。不失真的情况下拍摄Paul的优秀食品,Scott全心投入到达相应的摄影作品去传达他们的品牌。

2012的五月,Paul开了多感官用餐体验餐厅-Ultraviolet。Paul 结合了听觉,视觉,嗅觉和味觉打造极致的用餐体验。



Limelight Studio作为Ultraviolet餐厅的合作伙伴之一深感自豪。

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