UV x La Prairie

Limelight where back at UV; Paul Paireit’s multi sensory dining experience. We were tasked with covering La Prairie’s experience at his fine dining establishment. The job required both photography and a video.

The team started at Mr and Mrs Bund Paul’s Bund side restaurant hours before La Prairie would meet for their drinks reception. Here a general preparations and setting shots where taken at the scenic bund side restaurant. La Prairie arrived and after a drinks reception where escorted to the bus that would ferry them to the super secret location of Ultra Violet.

Upon arrival the La Prairie guests where ushered into the building where they had drinks at the UV bar before being escorted into the dinning hall. From here on in the team had to cover 15 courses the guests would enjoy while working around the low light conditions and fast paced kitchen atmosphere that chef Paul Pairet insisted we not interfere with.

The team had to be subtle in filming the guests and efficient yet non-obstructive when filming the kitchen. With lots of impressive dishes and their glamorous presentation the team had a lot to film.

Within the dinning hall the show was truly a spectacle with visual effects on the table and walls the use of dry ice, music, the waiters and chefs interactions the show gave us a lot to capture. The challenges of filming came in the form of low light conditions that we could not interfere with and a need not to be notice and ruin the dining experience.

The Limelight teams familiarity with the restaurant and its workings meant we knew where to be and what to cover and when. By the end of the night we had covered the evening and could provide La Prairie with photos of the event and a video. 

我们又再一次回到我们熟悉的地点 – UV餐厅。 我们这次的拍摄客户是-La Prairie的餐会。这次是摄像摄影的结合拍摄。

我们团队提前到达外滩18号的Mr and Mrs Bund。在等待酒会开始之前,我们拍摄一些外滩的片段,作为我们剪辑的素材。当客人全部到齐之后,他们有专车护送他们的贵宾至上海最神秘的餐厅-Ultra Violet





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CALYPSO Terrace Lounge Opening - CALYPSO 二楼酒廊开业派对

The Limelight team were invited to cover the opening of Calypso terrace lounge. This trendy establishment featured 1950’s style paparazzi photographers all kitted with trench coats and trilbies as well as antique cameras to capture the guests arriving on the red carpet, a retro spectacle adding class to a simple entrance.

Upon entry to the restaurant lounge the night began with live percussive performances featuring the restaurants cooks banging pots and pans and improvised cocktail shaker maracas in an impressive and surprising medley. The night also feature live bands and DJs.

With the great atmosphere the open terrace roof provided the exclusive venue we covered the night and where able to capture the glamour of the experience.

今次Limelight Studio们应邀参加上海Calypso的露台酒吧开业派对。主办单位也十分用心设的活动。在毯的两旁,主多模特打扮成50年代狗仔穿著长大衣,毡帽和著大台的老式相机毯的一旁拍摄来参加的嘉