Mount Kinabalu

180° Panorama of the Mount Kinabalu 马来西亚国家公园Mount Kinabalu全景拍摄

Mount Kinabalu Summit

Mount Kinabalu Summit

WHAT: 180° panorama of the sunrise hitting the facade Mount Kinabalu

WHEN: April 2011

WHERE: Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

WHY: Being one of the tallest mountains in South-East Asia, Mount Kinabalu was a big attraction for Scott and his buddies for a vacation trip with some of "the boys." It took two days to climb over eight kilometers (5 miles) to the summit.

HOW: Packed with sixteen kilograms (35 lbs.) of camera gear, the boys climbed the mountain with a little assistance from a guide and a bit of regret in carrying the extra gear. Just before sunrise on the second day, the boys reached the summit. Because of the unpredictable weather at the elevation, there is an advised time limit at the summit. Following sunrise, the path becomes nearly invisible, and descending down impossible. With the clouds and fog breaking perfectly (a rarity) in the 20 minute window at the summit, Scott captured the glorious view using his trusty Gitzo tripod with his 360 panorama head just as the sunrise hit the facade of Mount Kinabalu. 

CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark II with 16-35/2.8mm lens

PHOTOGRAPHER: Scott Wright | Limelight Studio

拍摄对象:马来西亚国家公园Mount Kinabalu日出全景之壮丽景色



拍摄缘由:作为东南亚最高的山峰,Mount Kinabalu对于Limelight Studio有着极大的吸引力,大家都想一看究竟。此外在路途上花费两天时间登到山顶也是非常有趣的体验。

拍摄方法:携带近16公斤的摄影器材,Limelight Studio开始此次攀爬之旅,并在第二天日出之前我们一行人顺利抵达山顶。我们寻找到一块宽阔的空地作为拍摄地点以便能更好的捕捉到日出的奇幻景色。但是由于天气原因无法预测所以我们的拍摄时间十分有限。如果天气情况不容乐观,能见度将会十分低显然是不利于拍摄的。所以我们团队用了极短的时间来设置360度摄影装置,目的就是能够拍出令人赞叹的日出美景照片。

拍摄相机:佳能5DMark II和16-35/2.8镜头

摄影师:Scott Wright | Limelight Studio