Ultraviolet photography

Ultraviolet: 360 Construction In Progress 全球首家感官餐厅Ultraviolet上海建设记录

Over the course of two years, Limelight Studio shot a series of 360-degree photographs of the construction of Paul Pairet’s newly built project, the Ultraviolet restaurant. The construction began in 2010 where Scott began to shoot the structure of the building. From there, Scott and Justin would periodically return to capture the progression of the construction.

WHAT: 360 Series- Progression of UV restaurant construction

WHERE: The Ultraviolet restaurant

WHEN: 2010 – 2012

WHY: The vision that Paul Pairet had for his new restaurant required a very specific building. Limelight Studio wanted to document the development of this space by creating a 360-degree series of each major change or addition made to the structure.

HOW: To take this series, no lights were required. A tripod with a 360 head was set up at the same mark on the floor to make sure the photographs were taken at the same point each time.

CAMERA: Canon 10D with 16-35mm lens

PHOTOGRAPHY: Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu

历时两年,Limelight Studio为Paul Pairet旗下的新餐厅Ultraviolet拍摄了一系列的360度建设照片。餐厅始建于2010年,而Scott就从那时开始拍摄该建筑的结构。为了拍摄此次建造的进程,他和他的团队周期性地往返那里。



时间:2010 – 2012

缘由:Paul Pairet希望他的新餐厅有一种全新而特别的构造。因此Limelight Studio此次也十分想记录这一空间的发展,这需要通过360度的视角拍摄来记录这个建筑的重要变化以及一些附加的结构。



摄影师:Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu