blue frog lujiazui

Blue Frog Creamy Salmon Linguini Video 本月视频之星: 蓝蛙小厨 冬季篇

Continuing our cooking show in collaboration with Blue Frog - this time we visited the freshly-opened venue at Super Brand Mall, Lujiazui.

Manager Yan showed us around the classy restaurant, which was bustling at the height of lunch time. Later we went back with Chef Mike to the Blue Frog kitchen where he showed us how to cook the Creamy Salmon Linguini.

Technically, we tried to do some things differently from the last two cooking show videos. We rigged a dolly in the studio to give some subtle motion to the front-on shot. This made the feel less static and provided a bit more connection to Chef Mike while he was talking.

It was a challenge to keep the dolly steady and quiet with the slow movements we wanted to do, but it turned out to be a look they liked in the end.

Learn how to make the dish below. Enjoy!