Connoisseur Group 手工奢侈品制作


Limelight Studio was invited by Connoisseur Group to various factories around the world to see how Arts de Vivre, Maison Takuya, and Tesori create exquisite gifts and collectables that Connoisseur Group provide.

 Limelight Studio受到Connoisseur集团的邀请,前往其工厂Arts de Vivre,Maison Takuya以及Tesori参观。在那里我们亲眼见证了那些精致的礼物和藏品的创造历程。

CLIENT: Connoisseur Group

WHAT: Arts de Vivre, Maison Takyua, and Tesori "behind the scenes / making of" photos and video

WHERE: Arts de Vivre, Maison Takyua, and Tesori factories (various worldwide locations)

WHEN: August 2012

WHY: Limelight Studio was commissioned to show the making of these high-end luxury products. Wanting to focus on the intricate craftsmanship and care that go into each item, it was very important to show the hands that create these goods.

HOW: There were multiple factors that played into the lighting of these images. Traveling costs limited the amount of equipment the team could bring over. Since Limelight Studio was asked to film video as well, we had to think of lightning not just for the stills, but also the video. Ultimately no flash was used throughout the whole production because it would have disrupted the workers, and lighting with tungsten lights and LEDs allowed for a quick setup and enabled us to use the same overall lighting setup for both applications.

CAMERA: Nikon D800E with 24-70mm lens

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM: Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu, Kristian Kvam Hansen

ART DIRECTION: Connoisseur Group | Steve Hinchcliffe, Sarah Miller


客户:Connoisseur Group

拍摄对象:Arts de Vivre, Maison Takuya, 以及Tesori的手工制作过程展示及幕后花絮摄影和视频


拍摄地点: Arts de Vivre, Maison Takyua,和Tesori工厂


拍摄缘由:Limelight Studio被邀请去拍摄展示这些高端奢侈产品的生产过程。我们想集中表现每个错综复杂工艺的制作工序,更为重要的是,我们希望展示这些创造这些艺术品的双手。

拍摄方法:有很多因素影响着这些照片的灯光效果, 由于旅行拍摄的缘故,这在很大的程度上限制了我们团队可以携带的摄影装备。而在有限的条件下,Limelight Studio还需要拍摄视频的部分,因此我们必须考虑摄影和摄像两方面的灯光装备。最终我们在拍摄过程中没有使用闪光灯,因为这会扰乱工匠的制作。最后,所有的照片和视频都是在使用常亮灯和LED灯的情况下拍摄完成,因为这种照明搭建起来更加便捷快速,而且摄影和摄像同样适用。


摄影团队:Limelight Studio | Scott Wright, Justin Chiu, Kristian Kvam Hansen

艺术合作:Connoisseur Group | Steve Hinchcliffe, Sarah Miller