The Longement Shanghai 上海龙之梦丽晶酒店拍摄暴风雨

If you look closely at the clouds, what do you see? A friend pointed out an image of a dragon breathing fire down onto the city. Another said it looked like a bird flying across the city.       如果   你近距离观察云朵,你会看到什么?一位朋友指出图片中好像一条龙正在城市上空盘旋。另一位朋友说它象一只横飞过城市上空的鸟。

If you look closely at the clouds, what do you see? A friend pointed out an image of a dragon breathing fire down onto the city. Another said it looked like a bird flying across the city.


WHAT: Shanghai's skyline lit up by a colossal thunderstorm

WHERE: Longemont Hotel – 52nd floor Business Lounge

WHEN: August 2010

WHY: This thunderstorm was one of the biggest storms during the year causing power outages, hail, and various flooding throughout the city. Missing this moment to capture the grandeur of this storm was out of the question. 

HOW: This photograph was shot with only a tripod during a period of a couple of minutes. Scott grabbed the second camera that he had brought along with the tripod and hurried over quickly to take the shot before the storm passed. Usually, to capture an image like this, you need to use a fairly long shutter speed to capture the lightening striking down on to the city but for this instance, the storm came in during the day and despite the clouds and thunderstorm, the skies were still quite bright. There are difficulties taking long exposures during the day because of the added light, so Scott had to find the perfect balance not to overexpose the shot but capture the lightening as well. 

CAMERA: Canon 10D with 24-70mm lens

PHOTOGRAPHER: Scott Wright | Limelight Studio

2010年在拍摄上海龙之梦丽晶酒店期间,有一场巨大的雷阵雨袭击了上海。照亮了城市的天际。幸运的是,Limelight Studio团队在酒店的52层正利用这个机会拍摄暴风雨







摄影团队:Scott Wright | Limelight Studio 

Tibetan Monk 西藏僧侣



WHAT: Tibetan Monk

WHEN: 2005

WHERE: Monastery in central Tibet

WHY: Tibet was another personal excursion for Scott, where he spent two weeks traveling across Tibet, stopping in local monasteries along the way. One afternoon, he came across a monk washing robes and various materials of cloth.

HOW: No lights were used for this shot, just simply a tripod. The afternoon light sweeping across the courtyard was sufficient enough. It creates an appealing shadow that not only perfectly lit the monk and the clothes but also produced an interesting and appealing shadow that added to the overall composition of the photograph.

CAMERACanon EOS 1V with 70-200mm lens





拍摄缘由:西藏是Limelight Studio短途之旅的目的地,我们花费了两周时间游历西藏。某一天我们在一座修道院旁停下了脚步,只见一位僧侣出现正在洗涤睡袍和一些衣物。



摄影师:Scott Wright

Forever Young 童真依旧

Forever Young ; a young boy and girl play in the sand in Byron Bay, Australia

Forever Young; a young boy and girl play in the sand in Byron Bay, Australia

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Forever Young 童真依旧

WHAT: Two children playing on the beach

WHEN: 1996

WHERE: Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

WHY: Not far off in the distance during a day of relaxing on the beach, Scott observed some children relishing the day, making new friends and scavenging for sea creatures. He caught this moment right after these two free spirited kids, who were catching and running around with crabs, tried to give one as a gift to two others who were fully suited head to toe. The fully clothed children shrieked and ran off, while these other two stood there, confused by the refusal.

HOW: This shot was all about being at the right place at the right time, capturing that special moment between two playing children. This is one of Scott’s first shots and one of his favorites. Compositionally speaking, it is balanced with the rule of thirds, which is quite difficult to do especially when trying to capture a moment between children, an environment you can’t control. The color tint comes from the tungsten film that produces a strong blue cast when shooting outdoors.

CAMERA: Nikon FM2 35mm film SLR




拍摄地点 湾,新南威士,澳大利

拍摄缘由:在沙滩上休息了几乎一整天,Limelight Studio团队发现有一些小孩正在沙滩上玩耍,他们正在沙滩上寻觅乐趣并找到贝克海螺一起玩耍。我们抓拍到了其中两个小孩,他们正在追逐嬉戏。只见两个小孩尖叫着互相追逐表现出彼此好奇的眼神。

拍摄方法:拍摄此张照片最重要的就是需要在合适的地点以及适当的时机。这是Limelight Studio所拍摄的作品之中最喜欢的照片之一。从构图中可以见得,整个画面感比较均衡,要想获得这种平衡感十足得构图需要找到合适的时机来拍摄,因为环境你无法控制。而在色彩上,因为使用胶片得关系所以有一种蓝色得调子。

拍摄相机:尼康 FM2 35mm胶片机

摄影师:Scott Wright