Limelight Studio was commissioned by KABB to create artwork and pieces for their new venues in Shanghai and Wuxi. Scott Wright of Limelight Studio took this opportunity to create some personal work within a commercial setting. The only requirement was for the photos to be taken within a 2km radius of each respective venue. These projects hope to capture a unique voice and personality of Shanghai, and connect to the many diverse people who live and visit the community. 

Exposure explores the diverse roots of the surrounding community and environment by combining the two into a single frame.

Planets relates to the massive infrastructure and cityscape that make up Shanghai and how each intersection is a microcosm with its own community and perspective that contribute to the much larger city. 

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Exposure ,  KABB at IAPM

Exposure, KABB at IAPM

Planets  , KABB at Jing An Kerry Center

Planets, KABB at Jing An Kerry Center