Exposure is a series of images exclusively for KABB at IAPM using multiple exposures, which superimpose two or more images to create new meaningful images. 

Multiple exposures originally were taken by exposing a single frame of film multiple times, and in today's digital age can still be done in camera or through post-production. 

Exposure explores the diverse roots of the surrounding community and environment by creatively combining the two into a single frame. All images were shot in a 2km vicinity of KABB at IAPM in order to showcase the harmony and interaction between the elements and surrounding community. 

1 meter wide prints are available for RMB 5000. All prints are printed using high-quality Epson Advanced Semi-Gloss Paper and are shipped using cardboard tubing.

Please use the form below to choose your images. For further inquiries, custom sizing, and/or framing possibilities, please contact: Annie Wu gallery@limelightstudio.cn +86 21 5108 0567. 

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