For KABB’s Jing An branch located in the Jing An Kerry Centre, “mini-planets” were shot focusing on the surrounding structures and environment, specifically the massive infrastructure and cityscape and how each intersection is its own microcosm of Shanghai.

As with the other series in the project, each shot was taken within a 1km radius of the venue (in this particular series, all shots were actually taken within a 1km radius) highlighting different vantage points and areas.  

Each image was shot by taking a 360 panoramic of the surrounding area and then creating the planet effect through Photoshop. The different colors skies in each image were selected based on the unique color of an object in each respective image and then mimicking the sky in that color.

A: 80cm x 80cm print (print only): RMB 4500

B: 1m x 1m print (print only): RMB 5000

C: 1.4m x 1.4m print (print only): RMB 8000

*Limited Edition Prints are done on high-quality semi-gloss Epson Advanced semi-gloss paper and the un-matted print will be shipped using cardboard tubing within 10-12 working days. Shipping to locations in Shanghai is free of charge. Other locations will incur additional shipping charges. 

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