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Limelight Studio is a full-service commercial Photography and Video studio based in Shanghai, China. We provide an integrated set of creative services specializing in interiors, lifestyle and food we are well versed in shooting advertising campaigns, hotels, luxury properties, restaurants and editorial work. 

Our team here at Limelight has members from Australia, China, Canada, Taiwan and the UK and has an extensive understanding of the Chinese and international market with over 30+ years of experience in the Asian Pacific. Limelight combines a world-class technical skill with a strong attention to detail always placing a high value on understanding the sophistication and uniqueness of your brand. 

We will guide you all the way from pre-production through to post-production and give our advice from our wealth of experience on the artistic and creative direction to ensure that you receive the maximum value from your project. 

"Bringing brands to life through visual media"

Limelight Studio 位于上海,是一家从事商业平面摄影及视频制作的公司,主要为客户提供创意提案、拍摄、后期制作以及成品制作印刷等全方位服务。我们专注拍摄于高端酒店内景、生活方式、美食等,也与知名广告公司和杂志保持良好的长期合作关系,同时也进行户外广告活动、奢华房地产商户活动、以及媒体照片/视频等拍摄制作。

在亚太地区,我们的国际团队拥有超过三十年的资深拍摄经验,扎根于中国本土理念并与国际摄影市场的潮流趋势相结合,这是我们引以为豪的优势。Limelight Studio拥有国际拍摄水准,重视细节之处,能够深入理解客户品牌的复杂性和独特性。



Our Studio

Our Studio

We treat our studio like a second home and it is important to us that our clients feel the same way.

Limelight Studio is 110m² and equipped with everything you need for a shoot, from a full industrial kitchen to a makeup area, a green screen to 2 linked TVs, so you can easily follow along on a shoot from the comfort of our couch. 

我们将工作室当作自己的第二个家 ,并且衷心希望我们的客户也能有如此感觉。

Limelight Studio占地约一百一十平方米,摄影棚内具有各种拍摄专业设备,能满足多种多样的拍摄需求。除此之外,我们还有完整的工业厨房、化妆间、绿色屏幕以及连接电视墙的专业设备,可以让您在这里有一个宽敞、舒适、自在的拍摄体验。

195 Guangfu Rd. #310, Shanghai 200070 China


+86 21 6143 1539 info@limelightstudio.cn